I recently ordered my first

I recently ordered my first Remora holster and I couldn’t be happier! I have been using a very similar holster from a competitor for a few years, and I have been pleased, but I had decided to put a rmr on my every day carry, and the competition didn’t offer that option. So 1st the holster arrived in about a week, way faster than I had expected, faster than the rmr from Amazon. When it arrived I thought there was a mistake, no cut out for the rmr. So I called Remora after hours and left a message. The next morning a nice young lady, (I think her name was Shanna, or Shannon, I apologize I forgot) called me back and explained to me that the holster they had shipped was meant to enclose the rmr, again I hadn’t received the rmr yet so I didn’t know, she told me she could send me one with the cut out if I desired, I decided to keep the one I had received, and I am very happy I did, I was always happy with the comfort of the competitors holster, but the Remora is even more comfortable. Your company has a customer for life. Great price, great options, incredible comfort, great customer service, and a great product. Thank you.