Fantastic. High quality, great product,

Fantastic. High quality, great product, that is very durable. I have ordered many of these holsters for a variety of pistols and the fit and finish always meets or exceeds expectations. I really like the micro line in particular. There was a little mix up with my last order where I got one for a… Read more “Fantastic. High quality, great product,”


Remora No Slip, No Clip Holster

This is the most comfortable IWB holster you will ever find. If you don’t have one, you need to get one. Here is the link to my review of this holster.

Frank Semeraro

I’m impressed

Great company went far and beyond what they had to do for me On a minor detail That happened to me great customer service So I do want to thank them for that OK 1st most comfortable holster I ever owned Have 3 of them and love them inside the waistband or outside the waistband… Read more “I’m impressed”


A holster so comfortable, I accidentally fell asleep wearing it.

Just wanted to let you know, in case you needed a product endorsement. I was visiting my mother for Christmas and I was going to drive my pickup truck back from Texas instead of flying back. I had originally ordered one of your shoulder holsters but, and this is not a knock at your shoulder… Read more “A holster so comfortable, I accidentally fell asleep wearing it.”



The holsters I received are well designed and constructed. Your website was easy to navigate and understand. Your communications were clear, your order fulfillment and shipping very zippy. The fact that I also received a bonus holster is a bit mind-boggling…This is the treatment one expects when buying a Ferrari not a $ 40 holster…… Read more “WOW!”


Nothing Compares

I have owned many firearm concealed holsters. But NONE can compare to the Remora. This is one of the finest concealed carry holsters ever. Very well made, great price. I will always have one of these, in fact my wife wants one for her firearm. Thank you folks at remora for making such a fine… Read more “Nothing Compares”

R Teitel

Rugar P95

Received my holsters today 1 for a Rugar P95 and the other for a KelTec pf9 I knew the KelTec would be ok it is small and light, my Rugar on the other hand is like carrying a Boat Anchor so I decided today I would dust off the P95 and try out the Remora… Read more “Rugar P95”

K. Swinger