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  • 2/10/20-WOW! The holsters I received are well designed and constructed. Your website was easy to navigate and understand. Your communications were clear, your order fulfillment and shipping very zippy. The fact that I also received a bonus holster is a bit mind boggling…This is the treatment one expects when buying a Ferrari not a $ 40 holster… except they usually don’t give you a free Ferrari.You were the new kids on the block with a novel concept and product and you had to swim against the strong current of traditional holster mindset to succeed. Where you still have the edge on the multitude of imitators/competitors is (1) quality (2) options. Price? You’re still a bargain. Thanks-Larry

  • Received my holsters today 1 for a Rugar P95 and the other for a KelTec pf9 I knew the KelTec would be ok it is small and light, my Rugar on the other hand is like carrying a Boat Anchor so I decided today I would dust off the P95 and try out the Remora Holster. With nothing more than jeans, T-shirt and light belt I carried the P95 all day today, no problems no slipping around and stayed in place. Tryed the Pf9 KelTec later in the evening worked excellent couldn’t even tell I had the gun with me. I am 6’4″ 240lb and have little problem concealing most full size guns but with these holsters it is almost like not carrying at all.
    -K. Swinger
  • Just wanted to let you know, in case you needed a product endorsement. I was visiting my mother for Christmas and I was going to drive my pickup truck back from Texas instead of flying back. I had originally ordered one of your shoulder holsters but, and this is not a knock at your shoulder holsters, the feel of it just literally drove me buggy. I wound up giving it to my sister who had absolutely no problems with it and is actually using it as her duty carry holster now. That being said, I was lucky in that at the last minute I had tossed a Carbon Carry IWB holster I received in the mail the day I flew out to Texas into my carry-on bag. I wound up driving back in ran into some serious weather that essentially stuck me in a rest area tucked into a sleeping bag for about 18hrs. It wasn’t until I dug myself and my truck out of the snow after the storm blew over that I realized I had wound up sleeping in the holster. Now, I’ll grant you that I was pretty tired but I wound up driving from Texas to Washington state, a three-and-a-half day drive without taking the holster off for longer than it would take to go to the bathroom the entire time. Absolutely the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever worn.
    Please feel free to clean up the punctuation and/or grammar if you feel that is something you need to do.
  • I have owned many firearm concealed holsters. But NONE can compare to the Remora. This is one of the finest concealed carry holsters ever. Very well made, great price. I will always have one of these, in fact my wife wants one for her firearm. Thank you folks at remora for making such a fine product.
    -R Teitel
  • Hello,
    I recently received holsters for all of my pistols from you very recently and I have to say they freaking rock. I will be leaving all five star reviews for each. I did NOT know that holster technology for guns could be so effective yet beautifully simplistic.
    The one holster I got for my Sig P226 w/ weapon light is loose. I was wondering if there were any tricks to tighten it up so it would hold more snug? Right now it is slack around all sides. I tried the hair dryer trick without the weapon covered by a towel and pressed down around it but that didn’t seem to do the trick.
    Thank you!
    S. Arle
  • My holster, with sweat shield, arrived about a week ago and I’ve been using it for the S&W M&P Shield. So far it is one of the most comfortable holsters I’ve used IWB or OWB. Initially I thought I may have trouble with it working it’s way up but so far nothing, very nice. The Shield is really the only gun slim enough that I own and can use for IWB carry and your holster makes it almost unnoticeable. Nice job!
    -M. Anderson
  • I just received my new holster and the magazine pouch today.I really like it!! The workmanship is exceptional, and my s&w shield Fits perfect in it. When my friends see it there going to want one I also like the meterial that’s is used in the construction of it. It really grips good and stays in place . Everything you said on your website is true.if I ever need another holster I will definitely buy it from you.
    -Sam M
  • I just need to say that the Remora RFT holster works exactly as described. I also use custom holsters from Milt Sparks and I’ve tried and tossed many others, but the Remora RFT holster works best for me in many situations. I bought my first Remora RFT in 2010 for an XD-SC and I still use it today. That holster even held my pistol secure during a motorcycle crash. I like these so much, I recently bought my third (fourth if I count one I gave as a gift).
    -M. Carmona
  • Years ago, when I was on the PD we would carry a revolver IWB by putting a few rubber bands around the grip. The bands prevented it from falling into our pants. This never worked well with the autos. My Remora is fantastic. It holds in place perfectly and it’s like I’m not using a holster at all. Love it!
    -S. Miller
  • I’m writing to tell you how happy I am with my remora products. I’m not a new customer and I have used a remora for multiple firearms of all sizes. I do carry a fullsize Glock in a remora but the product I’m writing about today is my IWB/pocket holster for my Keltec P3AT. I always have this gun on me. From the time I wake until bed I’m carrying this firearm. I gave my remora to my father to get him to use a pocket holster as he hates all holsters. Surprisingly enough, every time I see him he’s using it. I bought another one to replace it for my gun. I’ve bought other holsters since from back pocket to kydex IWB holsters. I’ve used them all and really like the kydex one. But most of the time I can’t risk my firearm being seen and that is the most important part of my choice in carry that day. After all of my choices I keep coming back to the remora. Its not the best or the nicest but it just plan works! I’m using it now as I write and couldn’t be happier. In a negative world full of complainers, I wanted to take the time to say what a wonderful product you make and how wonderful your company is. I’ve spoken to Allen on the phone in years past and I have gotten the same kind and professional replies from other staff. Keep up the good work and I’m positive any firearm I own in the future, no matter how it’s carried, will have a remora to fit it.
    -M. Goforth
  • With the receipt of a Remora IWB for my Glock 42, I now have one of your holsters for all three of the handguns I carry from time to time, job dependent. I climb in and out of a vehicle all day, all year long, and the Remora is the only holster that I can count on staying exactly where I need it to be. Whether I’m carrying a Glock 42, a 9mm compact or a Government size 1911, the Remora just works. Thanks for a great product!
    -R. Dickerson
  • Melissa,
    Got the holster last week and all I can say is this baby is BOMB!!! I love it. Made really well and feels great for my front pocket carry. I really appreciate your craftsmanship and thanks for being patient with me when I wasn’t so much myself. I’ll definitely tell my other revolver guys that if they are looking for a holster for concealment Remora is the way to go. Thanks again.
    Super Satisfied Customer,
    C. Ghant
  • Mr. Bogdan,
    It seems that all the good things I have heard about you, your company, and your product are true. Barely 4 DAYS from placing my order to having it in my hand. That is extraordinary! It is well-made,fits my pistol like a glove, is comfortable to wear, doesn’t come out when I draw, and
    doesn’t move around with activity. Of course,I have only worn it at home for a few hours, but, so far,I LOVE THIS HOLSTER! A good product at a good price,shipped promptly. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Thank you for caring enough to make a good product,and for your prompt shipping. I hear that your CS is great, but I cannot imagine having a problem such that I need to use it.This has been such a good experience that I will likely order the double mag holder in the future. I am a fan!
    Thanks again,
    K. W. Gupton
  • Remora, just received my two remora holsters for my P239 and P220. Have been carrying last week and this weekend and was immediately satisfied with them both. I love the tight fit of the gun to the holster. At first I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to draw my weapon very easily, but even so I was amazed that how easily it drew. The holsters were delivered on a very cold day and sat in my mailbox so they were cold and stiff, but within a few moments of warming up the draw was even better. That grippy stuff on the outside let’s me place my firearm in an infinite number of positions because it is no longer hindered by a belt clip/loop. If I want it to ride higher than normal to take weight off the back side I just do it. Fabulous technology you have there. It’s the lightest thing I’ve ever seen. I like the sweat sheild as well. Helps seperate that last big of trigger and slide from my skin. I will be telling my friends about your product and encouraging everyone to check it out. Can’t go wrong at a price that requires you to at least take a look. Keep up the good work.
    -M. Atkinson
  • I own 2 of the IWB holsters and really like them. Just purchased the shoulder rig and am carrying a full size 1911. This is the most comfortable shoulder holster I’ve ever worn. Keep up the good work.
    -T. Caddell
  • i love this holster best one i have ever had was skeptical at first bc nothing to hold it to you belt but it really does work u can even use a compact gun wearing sweat pants yes i said it sweat pants cant wait for summer i would highly recommend this holster great job remora
    -G. Harrigan
  • Just received my Remora iwb holster for my Glock 26 a couple of days ago and have had a chance to wear it a number of times under a number of conditions. I will admit that I was skeptical initially about no clip but I can honestly say now that this is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn and the lack of belt clips is no issue! This thing is stable as a rock! If you have been sitting on the fence about placing an order, let me assure you–you will love it!
    -A. Young
  • I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy your holsters. I have ordered several, with my most recent a 10 SS for my new Glock 19 Gen 4. Like always, Remora came through wtih fast shipping and an extremely high quality product. It amazes me how I am able to conceal my G19 IWB with the Remora…so much more comfortable and concealable than other holsters. Thanks so much for making such a great product at such reasonable prices. Keep up the great work!
    -P. Gostovich
  • After hearing about Remora holsters for a few years I finally purchased one for my Glock 19. I already had one of the other top rated “sticky” holsters and wanted to compare the two. After several days of carrying both holsters, the Remora is the undisputed winner. The Remora holds my pistol more securely is far more comfortable and is just a better holster all the way around. Thank You for a class piece of equipment, I’ll carry it daily in full confidence.
    -R. Dickerson
  • When I first heard about Remora holsters I though “no way, this can’t work”. I was able to get my holster (IWB for Glock 27) for around 15 dollars so I thought “ok, ill bite”. I ordered my holster and it was at my house (PA) in less than a week. I put it on and fell in love with the way it held my gun but i was still unsure about how it would do with no straps or anything securing it to my pants. I have been wearing it over a year now and it is hands down THE BEST HOLSTER I HAVE EVER CARRIED. I have carried a lot of different holsters, some costing me over $100. Nothing compare to Remora. I have told everyone I know about Remora and they have bought and have been just as happy. One of my best friends is a police officer and this is what he carries off duty. I can’t not say enough about how amazing this holster is. Buy and you will not be disappointed. By far the best out there.
    -B. Clapp
  • This is now my absolute favorite holster. Very quick arrival. Talk about quality! They even included a free mag holder! The remora with sweat shield(not full), with the leather/hide interior for the M&P shield is great. I wanted something minimal and this thing is perfect! LOVE IT!!!!!!! 5/5 Stars. -Alex H.
  • I was a little unsure about ordering the remora holster, so my son and I decided to order their cheapest version to test. It sounded to good to be true, but after receiving the initial holster and testing, I found that it worked as good or better than advertised. I enjoyed the first holster so much that I ordered a nicer tuckable one. Used it today and it was even better than the first. Great product at a great price. -Marion P.
  • I own a liquor store and carry concealed 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. I have used S&W suede holsters for years but decided to try your product based on a recommendation from a friend. O.M.G. why did I wait so long. I followed your suggestion to warm the holster with (unloaded) firearm to mold to exact fit. From the moment I placed in my waist band it felt like a complete custom rig made just for me. No slips during an average day of stocking shelves and walking all day. I am able to place at the exact pull angle I prefer as well as not worrying that my firearm will slip off the dash or seat if I lie it down. The only suggestion I have is to warn your users to remember they still have it on and not forget when going to the restroom as I have forgotten I had it on. LOL!Great American made product at an awesome price point . I would recommend your product to anyone that requires comfort and reliability. -Paul H.
  • My name is Austin S. and I am writing you today to tell you about my experience with my holster. I cannot say anything bad about this product and I love how versatile it is. I have an XD-9 and bought the IWB holster from you. I carry this everyday in my waistband or if I’m in my vehicle, I tuck it between the seat and center console. I love the grip of this holster and I have never had an issue with it moving around on me. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I ordered this about a week before you started including the free mag holder. I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding product and this will be my go to holster for my current and future firearms. I’m glad I could support a company that makes their products with attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Im writing to you just to let you and others know what a Quality product Remora makes. well built,rugged,and most of all comfortable! My Walther PPX is a hard one to fit with a wide double stack magazine. it fits snuggly and comfortably in the holster,but can be pulled and drawn lightning fast should I ever have to. a reassuring option should I ever have to. a lot of the other holsters out there on the market are more expensive and make a lot of claims, but my Remora holster beats them all on price, quality,and comfort! Thanks again for such a quality product. Sincerely, Tony B. Mexico,Mo.
  • I purchased a Remora for my Combat Commander .45, and use for EDC. I am very pleased with the quality, the grip and retention of the exterior, the comfort, the non-scratch interior (No Kydex!) and the ease of donning/removing the holster (no need to remove or replace the belt, no clip to break). Not to mention quite the bargain for the price! I will eventually get one for each of my sidearms.-Allen M.
  • I recently purchased a Series 8 IWB holster for my Taurus M605 .357 Poly Protector and am writing to let you know that the holster is a perfect fit for my revolver. There are only a few holsters made specifically for this particular Taurus, and even though the Series 8 is intended primarily for S&W J-Frames, it is exactly what I needed at an excellent price point. -Joe H.
  • Just a quick follow-up to let you know that the holster arrived over the weekend and that it fits my pistol perfectly. You and I had emailed regarding whether to go with the standard J-Frame or concealed hammer J-frame holster. I went with the standard J-fram series 8 holster for my Taurus .357 Poly Protector and it works great. I thought I would write back in case future customers had a similar question and my input could be useful.-Every blessing, Joe
  • Received this order today 3/9/15. This holster does what you say. Fitted this holster to My beretta 92fs. I have several other conceal holsters and your product is far the best product that I have purchased. This product is great I will for sure pass your web site on to them. -Pete B.
  • I ordered 3 IWB holsters from Remora they are great and the single accessory holders that they included with my orders are teriffic for extra magazine holders they even work great as a in the pocket magazine holder in my jeans pocket. There was an issue with fit on one of my firearms when the holsters arrive, I contacted Remora explained it to them and they very quickly resolved the issue without a hassle I sent the one back and sent me another that was perfect. I will buy from them again and would reccomend them to anyone. Thank you Remora for the great product and outstanding customer service. Rick CDA,Idaho
  • I received my 2 holsters today (6G-ART & 6G-ART-RFT) and the first words that came to mind were “top notch!”. Both are well made and fit my G43 like a glove. A surprise was the enclosed single stack mag holder. My thanks to all of the folks at Remora. -James E.
  • I have been carrying a concealed handgun for the past several years. I am an avid shooter and strong supporter of gun rights, as well as the idealism of active self protection. With that being said, I have always felt like carrying my concealed handgun was somewhat of a chore. I had been carrying a Glock 26 in a Comp-Tac M-Tac holster, which did a fairly good job at what it was supposed to do. It conceals easily under most of my clothing and is relatively comfortable for day to day errands. My normal routine was to pick it up and spend several minutes putting it on and adjusting it, running my errand and then returning home and immediately taking the holster and gun off. All of this changed when I discovered the Remora holster. I was at the gun shop purchasing a new S&W Shield and the salesman recommended trying out a Remora holster. Being as they weren’t a dealer, I took an hour drive to my nearest Remora dealer to look at the product up close. Before I go into how I feel about the holster, let me preface this by saying I’m a fairly stubborn guy and am also a Firefighter. Firefighters are notorious for opting for leather products over the more advanced and common materials such as fiberglass and molded plastics. We often go for leather because of the “traditional” aspects and aesthetics, though science works against us. It made sense for my to look for a leather holster, one that was traditional and more aesthetically pleasing. When I first saw the Remora holster, I wasn’t sold. It has a plastic feel and I just couldn’t picture myself loving it. I unloaded and cleared my gun, placed it in the holster, and placed the setup where I would normally carry. I will never use any other holster again. Ever. I had the guy ring me up with the holster still on. Loaded up my firearm and wore it for the rest of the day, which was about 6 hours. When I returned home, I FORGOT to take the holster off and fell asleep on the couch wearing it. This holster is by far the most comfortable holster I’ve ever used, and paired with my relatively thin firearm, It takes the chore out of concealed carry. The holster itself is light, easy to use, requires very little effort to place and stays where you put it. I’ve used it almost every day since I got it, about three weeks. Jeans, shorts, sweatpants – anything with even a small amount of retention will hold this holster securely to your body. This holster uses some sort of voodoo magic or space-age technology to literally stitch itself into your skin or clothing and not move or slide down. I love it. If I had one regret about the holster, it would be that I didn’t get the sweat shield version. I rather dislike any part of my gun touching my skin, and I believe the sweat guard would greatly help that problem. Unfortunately I am a little impatient and didn’t want to wait on ordering one, and the Remora dealer near me didn’t sell the sweat shield version. That is literally my only complaint, and really it’s a stretch to even call it a complaint. The cost to benefit on this holster is another great thing. I paid upwards of $90.00 for my M-Tac holster and it does an “o.k.” job. This holster was shy of $30.00 and it’s my go to holster. Now I’m not saying this is the best holster on the market, but what I am saying is that I’ll not be using anything else.-Nicholas M.
    Just purchased my second holster one week after I received the first. My first thought was how can something so simple and that inexpensive work? Well the answer is amazingly well. Gun is very secure and stays right where you position it. Will be buying more in the future.
    -Ken K.
  • Just got my order of Remora Holsters for each of my side arms. Quick shipping! They are great! Very comfortable and appear to be made of exceptional quality. Thank you!!
    -Matt from Texas
  • I recently purchased a Glock 42 holster from you. I just wanted to provide feedback that it is superb. Not only is it an excellent pocket holster but is also a fantastic IWB. Perfect holster for this firearm. Thanks for such a great product!
    -James B.
  • I am a retired peace officer in Colorado after 25 years of service in El Paso County Colorado. I carry concealed regularly and have owned virtually every kind of holster you can imagin. I recently purchased a Sig Sauer C3 (1911 platform) 45 acp. The owner of the store (The Shootin’ Den in Colorado Springs) suggested a Remora IWB holster. I admit that I was skeptical at first but upon wearing this gun in this holster, I am very pleased. I am a little (OK-more than a little) heavy and have not had positive experience with IWB holsters. This holster and gun rig carries well and does not imprint, even when wearing thinner shirts. Kudos to you folks for this product. (Especially made in the USA!)
    -Roger P.
  • Wore my first Remora no clip holster for four days straight. Fantastic holster. Very comfortable and gun stays in place and secure. I will be switching all of my guns to Remora holsters.
    -Ken K.
  • Great holster. This is a great quality product and it really exceeded my expectations. Perfect fit and holds to your body securely even with quick fast movements all with no clips. Mag holder also great.
    -Corrie B.
  • I recently bought the REMORA SERIES 5MPART SS for my S&W Shield. Fit & Finish is excellent. I have carried this holster as much as 18 hours a day, and fallen asleep with it on. Very comfortable and exceeds all my expectations. Best general purpose holster I have ever bought. Will be buying more and recommending Remora holsters to all my friends and family. Please keep up the excellent work Remora!
    -Michael R.
  • Ordered two holsters and a double magazine carrier for my Kahr Arms pistols. Great timing, because I caught a 35% off deal that included a free single magazine holder. Received it in the mail in just three days. I have been using a Cross Breed IWB holster for a few years, and it is great, the most comfortable I had tried, but this Remora holster is so versatile. IWB at any location, any cant angle, High or low on the waist line, without having to loosen any screws, or change any hardware. You can pocket carry if your pocket is compatible with your choice of pistol. The holster is tacky enough on the outer surface to stay put, but the liner is smooth enough to protect the pistol finish and allow a smooth draw. This system is so comfortable that you can forget you have it on. This has become my primary CCW holster choice.
    -Steve G.
  • I got a style 3B for a Glock 42 and after wearing it every day for about three weeks I think it’s one of the best holsters I’ve got. I highly recommend these holsters because you position it where you want and it stays put. They are very well made and it didn’t take long at all to get it shipped. Thanks Remora!
    -Jamie S.
  • Just received my second remora no-clip holster and I’m just as surprised as I was the very first time with how much “retention” there is with this holster. I also purchased a very popular clip-on hybrid holster from another company the same time as my Remora and have been switching between the two to compare. What I’ve found is that the Remora is a lot more comfortable than the hybrid style holster and doesn’t seem to sacrifice much more on retention. Also, hybrid holsters seem to weigh down my pants and make it sag a little, the remora does not have this effect. Bottom line is, for the price you can’t go wrong just trying it out. You won’t be disappointed.
    -Roland M.
  • I just received my order for 4 IWB holsters. I wanted to take a minute to say that initially I am very IMPRESSED with quality. I have tried a lot of different holster and various products and am usually disappointed. Oh and I have been wearing my new Remora IWB for my Ruger LCR for the last 3 hours, and just realized that I forgot I was wearing it. Great quality, and super comfortable!!! Order some, and you will be impressed! Thanks!!!!!
    -Garrett K.
  • I’ve received the holster I ordered and I am pleased. The product and the service you provided tells me you are “a US business that wants to stay in business”. Thanks
    -Dennis S.
  • Thank you so much for the prompt service and excellent products. My new holster is great, and I love the free mag pouch.
    -Jesse H.
  • This thing sticks!! These holsters are one of the most useful items I have ever owned; for anything. I have replaced my former “favorite” holster I have used for years with my new Remora Products. Super comfortable, never gets out of position and works just as advertised. Awesome holster for my S&W Shield. I was a believer after day one. The IWB/OWB holster is my favorite. From IWB to OWB conversion in seconds with no holster modification needed. Your company rocks and the huge discount, free magazine pouch only made the deal sweeter. Great product and made in the USA.
    -Neil B.
  • This company makes the best deep concealment tuck-able holster and once purchased it was the only holster I would use. One day I lost the metal clip that is used for getting it positioned correctly with the shirt being tucked in. And one phone call to remora and 2 min. later they sent another one free of charge to me. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!
    -Jesse H.
  • I just received my new Remora for my new Walther PPQ M2. The fit is perfect, finish and quality are superb, as expected. Thank you for an excellent product at a great price. I’m sure my ccw friends will be impressed with this one.
    -Sincerely, RGK.
  • Almost 14 months ago I ordered a 5MPART “RFT” IWB for my S&W Shield. It has been a truly outstanding holster for the money. I frequently go on long hikes through the mountains in Wyoming and I always carry, but the holster has always been completely dependable. It is comfy and I hardly notice it is even there. When I initially bought it, I was a bit skeptical of the clip-less design, but it really has been perfect for my Shield and has held up extremely well. Great job Remora!
    -Carlos S.
  • Let me first start off by saying that I absolutely love my Remora holster. I started off buying some really high quality well made holsters. I quickly realized that there was a flaw in those other designs. I work in the service industry and although i like to carry a firearm i have to respect my customers and that includes being discrete. with the other holsters the fact that they have an exposed belt clip is a dead give away. and that was a problem for me. then i came across Remora and could’nt wait to try them. now I have the best of both worlds. They are super comfortable, and whether i chose to wear a belt or not it absolutely does not move. Thanks Remora for making a superb 100% USA product that i am proud to own. oh ya the mag holders are great too! I will be ordering again soon.
    -Brian E.
  • Your product and customer service is the best ever, people who don’t buy your product are missing out. Thanks
  • To Whom it may Concern: Well it seems that my forty-year quest for the perfect holster has finally ended: The Remora is by far the best concealable holster on the planet. I really would’ve loved this holster when I was working undercover with the NYPD. No leather … no clips or fasteners … no bulk … stays in place all by itself and allows for a clean, swift draw. I’ve also been in numerous gunfights while assigned to the now legendary Stake Out Unit and I fully understand the need to get to your gun under less than optimal circumstances. I will recommend this holster to all of my police buddies and civilian gun enthusiasts. You can see one of my TV segments here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tempcmb5hZU Thanks again for finally coming out with the “Ultimate concealable holster.” Best Regards, PeterAlan,
  • Thanks for my ‘new’ Ramora holster for my G19 with rail light. Once again
    you have under promised and over delivered. Works like a charm. Love those


    Stay Safe, shoot straight

  • I received the 12D holster and looked at it skeptically initially.
    However, after wearing it all day around my office, getting in and out
    my office chair (which has arms rests) I was becoming impressed.
    Comfortable, didn’t snag on Chair Arms and most importantly stayed right
    where I had placed it that morning! No working out of or down into my
    slacks and Star PD .45 ACP (Cocked and Locked) remained securely seated
    as well!
    Decided on two “acid tests”.
    1) Next day I had several errands to run and temperatures would be in
    the thirties so I could go on my motorcycle. This would entail swinging
    my gun side leg over the saddle many times, as well the natural hip
    swinging of maneuvering a full sized V-Twin motorcycle, as well as torso
    twisting to check other traffic around me.
    Never had to reposition Remora Holster, push back down into slacks or
    any thing else! (Due to Illinois’ finally being forced to pass Concealed
    Carry legislation, and not recognizing any other State’s Permits I
    couldn’t holster my Star PD or Para-Ordnance .45 ACP YET!) Therefore I
    holstered one of my movie prop 1911 Blanks Only pistols for the days
    Same results, pistol retained securely the whole day.
    Holster-Comfortable, even with belt cinched down! Reinforced Top Model
    12D, even with my belt Cinched tight, allowed smooth draws of my various
    pistols and facilitated one hand re-holstering!


    2) Since Illinois mandated that I must take the eight hour classroom and
    range training for the upcoming CCL application, this would be Acid Test
    number two. Instructor desired we draw from concealment with one hand in
    both Dry Fire and Live fire portions. As an “old school” former LEO I
    was accustomed to one hand pulls shirt up as gun hand draws. The
    Remora’s design facilitated my adapting to one handed draws from under
    my shirt by third draw and dry fire! Better yet, for the first time I
    could re-holster, without changing my grip position on my pistol, the
    muzzle quickly and naturally found the holster opening, every time!
    After two hours of dry fire draw and reholster and then four hour
    session of live fire, draw, fire, re-holster,; once again the RFT Model
    12D hadn’t moved up or down in my waistband, nor forward or backward,
    there was no change in the cant I had placed the holster in when I put
    it on that morning!

    Bottom line: I am impressed enough to be sending you a check for the
    full retail price of the holster I’m keeping. It will be my main carry
    holster. I would also like to discuss obtaining permission to retail
    these holsters from my E-Bay seller’s listings.

  • I’ve been a police officer for 7 years, and there isn’t a more comfortable, or adaptable holster on the market for carrying off duty. This 2013 Black Friday sale is amazing, and I picked up another Remora to add to my collection. I tell all my friends and co-workers about them. It’s my go-to holster when I need to grab a gun and go. I’ve used them for at least 5 different pistols now.-SF
  • I just received my IWB holsters and magazine holsters. I already know the holsters are awesome because I have two others from you. But I gotta’ tell you, that double magazine holder is incredible. I had a plastic OWB clip-on magazine holder from another company and I hated it. Yours is very user-friendly and very, very comfortable. Thank you for designing and manufacturing such fine products. It’s truly a joy doing business with such a great company such as Remora!Sincerely,
    Scott Evans
  • Alan,
    When I first read about your product, I refused to believe it could be as good as the reviews said it was, even though there are YouTube videos demonstrating that your product works. I finally decided to give the Remora a try. My first Remora Holster was delivered ony yesterday. Having it in my hands or inside the waist band for less than 24 hours is hardly a large sample size, but I am so impressed with this product, I have ordered one for my M&P. My [other brand] IWB holster for my 709 Slim is now obsolete. Thanks for manufacturing a quality product at a very fair price.
  • Dave MercierI just want to say THANK YOU! I order holsters a while ago, there was an error in the order. You guys not only refuned me for the missing parts of the order but then you sent out all new product! The new product was perfect and was what i had ordered. I have recommended your holsters to everyone i can. I love your products. You are truly a great company and have earned so much respect from me and my husband. So thank you again. We will most certainly be purchasing from you in the future.Natasha Hill
  • CommentsThe Remora Series 8R-CH Holster is perfect for the Ruger LCR, it fits like it was specifically designed for this revolver.
    The LCR rests snugly in the holster, stays in place within the pocket or IWB, and the pull is fluid and smooth.
    I like it.
    Tim Puckett
  • Dear Remora, I just received my first holster from you, for my Glock 26. I am extremely impressed with the overall quality, fit and finish of this holster! After reading all of the positive online reviews of your products, I decided to place an order. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the holster you sent me. I will be ordering more holsters from you in the very near future. Thanks again! David Hendrix Plantation, Florida A very satisfied customer!
    David Hendrix
  • I have purchased 3 holsters from Remora and am quite impressed with the quality and functionality of the holster. I would recommend these to any shooter. Keep up the great work!
    -D. Wagner
  • I gotta say, when I first heard of the idea of a holster made of a material that acted as both a IWB and pocket holster, I was VERY skeptical. I went out on a limb and got one for my Colt Mustang. I could not believe how this thing works! I am a kydex IWB fan and I will say without any doubt what so ever, these holsters work and work great! I took advantage of the cupid offer and now have holsters for all of my carry guns including my Commander and my SIG 229. I wore IWB all day today and forgot the SIG 224 was at my side the entire time. Awesome stuff and great service! 2/13/14
    -Steve Jolly
  • Received my holster for my S&W Bodyguard Airweight today and am impressed with the build quality, ease of use and concealment. Perfect placement and quiet/fast draw. I want to give kudos for exemplary customer service you provided. After placing my initial order, I realized I forgot to order your specialty holster for my daughter’s Kimber Pepperblaster II. I called the following morning and your helpful staff was able to piggy back my late order with my original order saving me additional shipping fees. In addition with my order, I received a complimentary magazine holder, something i was contemplating ordering down the road for my Glock 19. Superior product, customer service, fantastic price and made in U.S.A. I have never worn an IWB holster but now can carry with confidence and amazing conceal-ability. REMORA rocks!!!
    Keith M.
  • I got my holster and have been highly satisfied with it – thank you very much. I tried to leave the following review, but the website keep coming back saying the verification code didn’t match. Feel free to post the review with the highest rating if you like. I got this holster after accidentally revealing my EDC when I picked up my 3 year old at the store. Luckily when you’re picking up your 3 year old, you don’t look very threatening, but the incident was an eye opener nevertheless. A few people have commented that it doesn’t look out of the ordinary. It’s easy to get on and off. I’ve found this holster is the easiest and most comfortable to wear in the car; the seatbelt can slip under the holster leaving my weapon easy to access. But better yet, you can easily take it off, strap it to the seatbelt and when you arrive to your destination you can put the holster back on in broad daylight without attracting attention. I do find that this holster is generally more comfortable than my IWB holster. The only downside to the holster is it is bulkier and bit less comfortable than “standard” OWB holsters, but that is far outweighed by the advantage of concealed carry in the open. I highly recommend this holster.
  • Got a Remora for a Beretta Nano. Works like a charm. Very comfortable, stays put, and easy to draw.
    Best holster for the money available.
  • Best IWB holster at a great price!
    Atlanta, GA
  • Alan,
    I wanted to write you and thank you for making an excellent product, and for keeping your production right here in the USA. I purchased a Remora holster back in 2011, and was so impressed with it that we have been telling our students about Remora ever since! I even wrote an entry about the RFT holster for my Kel-Tec PF9 on our Equipment Review blog: http://independencegear.blogspot.com/2011/09/kel-…
    We have found that our women students (primarily older women) are the most interested in your holsters, since they offer clipless stability which does not require the use of a belt. I have two of the same RFT holsters for my PF9, so I use one of them for demo in class, as well as one of your single mag pouches that we can demonstrate, but we do not have a larger holster that would fit a full-size gun, such as a Glock or similar sized handgun. Do you offer instructor discounts so that we can purchase a holster for demonstration and testing purposes to our students who want to try IWB carry? If so, please send me the details.
    Our students have often reported back to us after ordering from Remora, and they have nothing but good things to say about top-notch service, so I thank you for that.
    Stay Safe,
    Glen Stilson
    Head Instructor
    Wow! Great products AND great customer service!? That’s something you just don’t see much today…I own 2 remora holsters now, and I recommend them all the time. I have a basket full of holsters for my carry guns. Some of them were over $125 and they’re not even close to being as comfortable as my remora, nor do they get used as much. I will wear the Remora shirt with pride and carry the Remora holster with confidence.


    Best regards, -Josh

  • Hi Alan,I just received the holsters and magazine holders today. This is an incredible product! I can’t stop testing it. No matter what I wear, or where I place “It stays put!” Even with the weight of my Springfield Armory XD with full clip it just won’t move! No matter if I’m drawing my weapon, jumping up & down, or in a full run the holster stays where you put it. I am recommending this product to everyone I know. Please feel free to use my comments as a satisfied testimony to your product.Kurt
    U.S.Capital Equipment
  • Hi Alan,I received my Remora 4ART holster and complimentary magazine holder yesterday, am completely satisfied with my purchase and your excellent product. Quality is top notch on both products. Since receiving yesterday, have carried my S&W CS9 both IWB and pocket carry, no problems with either. Gun virtually disappears with both methods of carry, is easy to find an IWB position that is comfortable whether I am sitting or standing. Thanks for making such a great product and for working with me in answering all my questions before placing an order. I suspect I’ll be ordering more from you in the near future and hope to be able to give you many referrals also. You have a great product and you really know the value and importance of good customer service. Thanks again. Please feel free to add my feedback and comments in whole or in part to your testimonials page.Take care,
  • Dear Remora:The fit on the Rohrbaugh holster is absolutely perfect! No weapon movement while in the holster at all — and — the weapon is easy to unholster from concealment with a solid master grip — EVERY TIME! Also, there is no movement what so ever of the holstered weapon in either a pocket or in the wasteband. All in all, a very very good job — great fit and finish — and — much more sticky than other similar holsters on the market today from DeSantis and the like! YOUR HOLSTERS while maybe looking somewhat like others on the market are indeed much different. YOURS — are made of a more sticky material — have a much better fit and finish — plus they have a closed in bottom which really helps in keeping the weapon’s muzzle and bore free of dirt and lint — and in the end — much cleaner. They also have slightly more paddle area than the others, which makes them stick much better inside one’s pocket — or inside one’s wasteband. In short — you done good brother!Cheers,
  • Hello Remora,Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Remora holsters are one of the greatest items to hit our store in a long while. They are very comfortable, light and require no belt hook, belt loops, or other means of attachment. Put them in your pocket, put them between your waist band and shirt, put them in your sock! Wherever you put them, they stay there. No slipping, no sliding, and your gun goes in and out as slick and smooth as can be. Every time I sell a gun, my customer takes a Remora holster. They are priced to sell, and there is no better alternative out there today for the money.Tony Schebell, Owner
    Anthony John Schebell
    Firearms & Curios
    Lake Worth, Florida
  • I must say, I was skeptical of your claims for the clipless holster. I received mine about a month (or so) ago and was pleasantly surprised. While I can’t say that anything tucked in my waist band is compfortable, your holster is much more comfortable than the one (leather) that I was using. The flexible material makes it bend with me and that helps considerably. Tucked IWB over my appendix it disappears under a sweatchirt or loose fitting “T” shirt. I can sit comfortably and it does not move or slip. It also covers the exposed hammer of my S&W m36 Chiefs Special. My belly appreciates that.Jack D.
  • I walk every morning at 4:30 am. I carry my conceal weapon with me for protection against human and animal dangers. The Remora fits nicely in my workout shorts, stays put, is very comfortable and does not get in the way. It also allows for much easier access to the gun, than the fanny pack which is what I used to use. I really like my Remora and recommend it to everyone I talk to who likes guns… I am also an NRA Handgun Instructor. So when I have my classes I also show off my Remora to my students, especially in my CCW classes when we discuss how to carry your gun. Thanks for a great product!J. Jolley
  • It’s always good when you find a product that does all that it says it will do. So I just want to let everyone at the Rohrbaugh Forum know that Remora Holsters is just that product. I had been looking around the internet for a Tuckable holster for my RS9, when I ran across the mention of the Remora Clipless in the waistband holster, so I checked there website out, and also the reviews from other gun sites. They had good reviews and it seemed to me that although it’s not a tuckable holster, it will work for about 80% of my carry needs. At $25.00 what could I lose. I contacted Alan Bogdan at Remora via E-Mail about the proper size for my RS9 and he returned my e-mail the same day. He suggested the #2ART , so that is what I ordered with the sweat shield option. It works as advertised. Drawstring shorts, Jeans without belt, Etc. I have my Meco Holster for pocket carry and the Remora for IWB carry. It’s all about options. Alan Bogdan at Remora gives great service at a very good price. So ceck them out, you will be Happy you did.Dave
  • Alan,I received my holsters yesterday. They’re both a perfect fit and I don’t even have weapon slide while running in gym shorts. Amazing! Thanks for offering such a great product at such a reasonable price. No other IWB holster will ever be an option for me. I’ll be spreading the word for you!Thank you,
  • Hi Alan,I wanted to follow up with you as you requested after receiving the size 6 holster, with sweat shield for a lefty draw like me. In a word? Fantastic!Nothing else in the market can match a Remora holster for comfort. Nothing else in the market can match a Remora holster for versatility. Nothing else in the market can match a Remora holster for value. Period.

    And after our communications and experiencing your commitment to absolute 100% customer satisfaction, I can also say that nothing else in the market can match Remora for your commitment to do whatever it takes to ensure a happy customer. That’s this customer’s assessment of your holsters, and perhaps more importantly, my experience with your dogged pursuit of my happiness with your product. The end result of your underlying commitment is also very clear – safety.

    This holster, the size 6, allows room to cover my trigger guard completely even when my weapon shifts, as I mentioned before, when having my holstered weapon at a cant. No peek-a-boo trigger guard at all, and no chance to catch on anything, so safety in greatly increased. Matter of fact, I feel much more at ease now, and I could even say more confident in carrying my Kahr CW9, since I know my weapon won’t accidentally get snagged on something by an exposed trigger guard if my shirt rides up when I reach for something, lean in a direction, or resultant of other natural movements. Unlike the size 10 ART holsters that were accidentally shipped, this size 6 holster also does not have a wad of extra material to poke into the fabric of my shirt, advertising to the public that I am carrying a concealed weapon.

    You know what else? Inside the package you included a surprise – a Remora spare magazine holder! When I saw that I felt just like a kid with a box of Cracker Jack­®, after finding the surprise inside the box of my treat. You really must be clairvoyant or something, because just a few days ago I was thinking about ordering the 2-pack of the Remora spare magazine holders. Thank you!

    As I have said before, I am very happy with Remora holsters and how much more I carry my weapon now, because of the ability to easily position my carry weapon in all of my jeans, slacks, or casual pants, and with any of my shirts, and not be concerned about clips or snaps – or a humongous piece of leather backing attached to a rigid, molded piece of Kydex that will chafe or dig into my side hours later. But after this experience with your company, your product almost takes a back seat, if that is possible, to your pursuit of unrivaled excellence in customer service. That’s such a big deal because nowadays it is too hard to get even mediocre customer service, so many people just settle for being treated like only their credit card number is important, and not their input or what they think. I’m sorry to say I have had to settle for mediocre customer service before, and actually felt fortunate to even get that, but you operate with the philosophy that “good enough” really isn’t.

    Thank you again, Alan. You have gone far beyond even what I would consider the extra mile, and the included surprise of the spare magazine holder made me check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas. You’re awesome!

    Please feel free to include any part of my statements in your advertising on your website, print or other media should you wish to do so. Nothing sells like a satisfied, happy customer.

    Best regards,

  • I purchased a Remora Holster #4A-ART last month for my Kahr PM9 pistol and am extremely happy with the quality and design of your product. I have an Arma Laser Sight mounted on my pistol and this caused a problem for me in my search for a pocket holster. I purchased several holsters made by other companies, even one made specifically for the PM9 with an Arma Laser. None of them were comfortable or suitable to carry. I saw a You Tube video by Falia Photography and decided to give your holster a try. Your Holster #4A-ART fits my PM9 perfectly and it is extremely comfortable to carry.Gaston
  • Not a problem Sir.Actually it is my pleasure to spread word about it. Its American Made for Americanshooters by an American. Would be un American to not spread word about such a greatproduct.. I drove over 6270 miles last month with your holster and Ruger SR40 on the wholetime.Remember I’m 6-2 about 250lbs driving a littleToyotaCorolla. AND I LOVE THIS HOLSTER! Actually gave away all my other UBG, Silent Thunders and such. I can’t stand any of the others.. lol. Am eagerly awaiting availability of your chest holster and or your tuckable.When I can get vacation end of November I’m doing a review on the ones I have for ya…When I get time I’ve gotta get by a different shop to talk to a gunsmith and am gonna show them it to. Hell, hopefully some of them order or start carrying them for ya. Happy to help a fellow American ! How’s that chest and tuckable comin along?Clayton
  • I would like to thank you for such a tremendous product. I first cameacross your holsters during a vacation toAlabamavisiting with family. On this trip, I went to the range with my father where I had the chance to experience his newly purchased Remora holster first hand. At first, as I suppose most are, I was ratherskeptical of the design, but was quickly convinced otherwise. I am a larger framed man, and it is hard to carry on the waste without adding to the existing “girth.” This holster solves this. Having recently obtained my concealed carry permit, I have spent hours searching for the perfect CC holster. This is the only “true” concealed carry holster in my opinion. Everything else is a holster that you can wear clothes to cover up. You have to hide them, but this hides itself.My first goal returning fromAlabamawas to visit my local gun shops to find my own Remora. Surprisingly, this turned out harder than I thought. I live in theLittle RockARarea, and there are a fair amount of gun shops scattered around, but none had ever heard of such a holster, and most thought I was crazy when I would describe it to them. So, I placed an order online, and soon received my holster for my Glock 27. I have since made it a point to return to the stores that once thought I was crazy with my Remora, and promote this product in hopes that they will begin carrying your products. I am confident that I have at least convinced all of them that your product is solid, and most have been eager to research the product themselves.I am a firm believer in supporting local business, and prefer to buy locally. I look forward to the day that I can do this when buying Remora products in the future, but in the meantime it is truly a joy knowing that I can purchase a quality product that is made in theUSA. Thank you for providing such an amazing product.

    Completely Satisfied Remora Customer

  • Alan, I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how happy I am with the Remora. My 1911 officer’s model is a heavy piece to lug around in a concealed fashion, and I’ve accumulated a few assorted holsters that promise much and deliver little. I thought you might like having some positive feedback. I got the Remora Thursday and wore it around the house for a bit and found that I liked it in a visceral fashion–albeit that was just around the house. Today, my wife and I went for an eight mile walk/jog on the Monon Trail here inIndianapolisand my 1911 officer’s model stayed exactly where I put it–appendix carry at the2:00position. My extra Wilson Combat magazine stayed firmly positioned in my waistband at8:00. I was wearing a pair of jeans with no belt. You’ve got a hell of a product and another loyal customer.All best,
  • Good afternoon Alan,It is Saturday afternoon11/12/11at about1:30 pm. The mailman has just left my driveway. He just delivereda package from Remora Holster. I absolutely felt compelled to immediately drop you a E-Mail response. As you may recall I hadearlier this week spoke to you regarding a recent 4 holster purchase from your company. I further went on to inform you that of the total purchase of 4 un ts, 3 holsters were perfect in presentation, qualityand application but one had a absolutely no fit situation. You listened to my delima and went on to say that you believed my particular fire arm and its rather unique on board accessories was the source of the dicey fit. Listening to thespecifics of my particular firearm you went on to say that you thought you could solve this problem with a production of a slightly modified Remora holster and yourbelief was this new unit would take care of the situation. Well the USPC just dropped off this unit and it as promised fits like the proverbial glove and it is better than it should be ! Why am I not surprised.Alan after speaking with you I never doubted your sense of commitment to solve the problem but I had no idea the lengths or the hoops you were prepared to jump through to make this problem go away and make me a happy customer. Your companies mantra of ” No Questions Asked” warranty is not merely a marketing gimmick or simple series of empty words. You personally and Remora products are the real deal. It has been considerable time perhaps even longer than I can remember since I have experienced any where near your companies willingness and attempt to make each and every customer a more than satisfied one. Firstly imagine my surprise that someone human and live was actually fielding my telephone call. Add to my surprise your genuine willingness to take time and listen to myproblem. Then the ultimate shocker was when you said you understood the problem and then went on to unsolicited offer a quick and free of charge solution ! Well truth be told I hung up the phone thinking this had not really just occurred.

    Well again here it is now just Saturday and my problem is not only solved but I’m sportinga huge grin of satisfaction on my face and a renewalof the great American dream of business doing business the right and proper way. John Q. Public has sadly been compelled to dealwith todays business climate and conduct that unfortunately often times operates at a less than personal or moral level.Many of todays business elite have no real intent or business plan to do anything other than pedal merchandiseout the door with little concern to any sense of satisfactionbeyond the immediate and instant gratification of the quick sale. Alan you and Remora Holsters are punching a hole in that theory sale by sale, piece by piece and of course satisfied customer by satisfied customer.My hat is off to your style and grace in returning and taking a stand to recreating a business model that represents “Business goes where it is welcomed and stays where it is appreciated”. Time is more than right for a resurchance and Renascence of this once most basic premise of business conduct and I believe your clear understanding of this principle and your already in place and front runner status of application will bode well for you and Remora Products.

    Thank you again for treated this little customer with absolute appreciation. I will continue to spread the good word and quality of The Remora Holster Company. Much continued success in all of your personal and professional endeavors.

    A very satisfied customer,

  • I never seem to have my camera when I have a min to do a review so here is a long over due review only in print.. Ive had all kinds of holsters from top named custom leather,kydexetc to the no named brands. Each and every one lacked something and eventually found its home on the closet floor. Well, I found the REMORA Holsteronlineone day and was really skeptical.. I read reviews in forums and stuff and justwasntsure. Well, had a good day at work one day and had a little extra money (dontneed much for these holsters ) and decided to get one. Ididntknow what size, model etc so called them up and Alan answered. What a guy! That phone call made me realize that there still is someone out there that believes in helping their customer no matter how big or little so I bought the one he said. I eagerly awaited its arrival and was very surprised at how quickly it got here. When I opened it and saw it Icouldntbelieve it was going to work.. I put it on right away. It felt a little weird for the first bit but quickly became VERY comfy. ( I nowdontleave home without it and wear it driving for 8 to 16hrs a day )Im6ft2aprox240lb and drive a small Corolla daily sometimes up to 900 miles and this holsterdontleave my side. I carry full sizeRugersr40 fully loaded. Icouldntever go but maybe 2-3 hrs with any of my other holsters. This thing is the best thing since sliced bread.. I love it. It is the easiest thing to put on and take off, to adjust when needed, keeps gun close to body and can easily adjust where and how high with 2 fingers. Holds the gun nice and snug.. I have to sometimes crawl under cars, truck, 18 wheelers, climb over fences and all kinds of things and my gundontmove. Idonthave any worries about it falling out or anything. If i could do a headstand id trust it to stay. Ive had the holsters for about a year and it has held up great,dosentharm the guns any at all, has a small footprint for those hotTexasdays. Easy and fast draw once ya learn how to clear shirt. I think these are the best thing on the marketin my opinion. I love showing them to people I know and meet at the ranges, they are usually quite surprised ( except thediehardleather and clip guys). but the ease of use and comfort wins every time. I honestly cant say enough good about these things or my dealings with Alan. The only 2 dislikes I have is 1) IDIDNTCOME UP WITH IT MYSELF — 2) IDIDNTCOME UP WITH IT MYSELF..lol . Well, I hope this helps nudge someone into giving these a try. Idontthink you will be unhappy. Good luck and be SAFE!!!Clayton inHouston
  • I finally heard a negative comment about your remora holster.I told a friend of mine about your product, and he got one for his s&w j-frame.His complaint…the damn thing is so comfortable to wear,he forgets he is wearing it.On two occasions,as he is preparing to sit on the “throne” his gun, and holster have fallen in the toilet when he dropped his drawers. But since the remora is waterproof no harm done. Now that’s a comfortable holster.Danny
  • Dear Alan,
    I just received my holster Saturday. I don’t usually contact retailers when I purchase their products on line, unless I have a problem with the product or service. But I also feel it necessary to let them know when I am very pleased also. Your holsters and fast shipping will keep you in business for years to come. I am really impressed with the Remora holster and plan on ordering another one very soon. It is the most comfortable inside the waist band holster I have ever tried, and I have tried many.


    I just want to let you know, I will be informing all of my associates and friends, as well as all the gun forums I visit of what a great product,great service, and fair prices you offer. Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely, Bernard

  • Hi Alan,I just received my holster today much earlier than I expected and I must say it’s the best holster I’ve ever had. It does everything it says and more. I did a lot of research on holsters for my Kahr CW9. Tried the deep concealed Packin Tee which I hate and many others. The Remora no clip holster is amazing. I will recommend you to everyone I can and buy a Remora for every gun I purchase. Plus thank you for shipping it to me during the holidays while you were off. You’re a GREAT AMERICAN BUSINESS!!!Thanks Again and Happy New Year!
  • About two months ago, I attended a gun show and had the opportunity to try one of your holsters. I must admit I was skeptical at first that it would stay in or not push out, but after trying it with my gun, I was sold. I purchased the Remora holster for my new Kel Tec P11 and really like it. Not only is it comfortable and easy to use, it allows for quick draw as well as protection for the gun. Because of this I am ordering another Remora holster with the Full Sweat Shield for my new Beretta PX4 Storm.You clearly have a superior product with a great price point!
    Best Wishes!


    Gary Cool2/25/2013 2:45:30 PM (GMT)

  • Excellent product,fast shipping & great customer service! Best I have seen anywhere! I personally own several & recommend them to my family,friends & my customers.Mike Loy2/21/2013 10:48:13 PM (GMT)
  • I just received my 2 Remora RFT holsters. One for my Glock 19 and the other for my M&P 9c. I ordered these holsters on a Sunday and received them on a Thursday! All I can say is…WOW! I love these holsters. I’ve been wearing the holster for the M&P 9c for about 5 hours now and I have never worn a more comfortable holster! Everything that has been published on the web or in video reviews is exactly correct! I like these so much that I am going to order more for my other pistols. Thank you Remora for a truly remarkable and quality product!Bob Young2/3/2013 9:30:19 PM (GMT)
  • I ordered an IWB for my Model 37 J-frame S&W. Got great updates on the progress of my order and even the LEO discount. It arrived in a timely fashion. OOPS! Apparently I ordered an 8C instead of the correct 8CH. My mistake. Called and spoke to Holly. She was very pleasent and understanding and said she’d get the correct holster in the mail that same day. The “new” holster arrived a few days later and is perfect. This is a very comfortable holster for my usual appendix carry location. It never moves around. It has relegated my other holster to “the box” of unloved holsters in the closet. I highly recommend Remora. Their customer service is amazing. Thank You Holly.BOB TEVOLITZ1/30/2013 10:37:21 PM (GMT)
  • Got my 4 art holster today. Perfect fit for my SCCP cpx-2, even fits into my lee jeans pocket. Thanks for making a quality product made in the usa!!!BOB TEVOLITZ1/30/2013 10:33:45 PM (GMT)
  • Got my 4 art holster today. Perfect fit for my SCCP cpx-2, even fits into my lee jeans pocket. Thanks for making a quality product made in the usa!!!Michael OKelly1/27/2013 1:16:59 AM (GMT)
  • I ordered the REMORA SERIES 6 “RFT” HOLSTER (IWB) with the SWEAT SHIELD (Right Hand) modification for my Smith & Wesson M&P 9C. The holster exceeded my expectations. Great fit, very comfortable, great quality. Fast Shipment, great customer service! Great experience overall. Highly recommend.David J Silano1/21/2013 10:09:45 PM (GMT)
  • When searching for a holster for my new Springfield XDS 45, I kept seeing the Remora come in YouTube reviews and immediately discounted it due to design (lack of retention strap, clipless) without ever really looking into it very thoroughly. After continuing to see the Remora name come up in my searches, I started looking into them with interest and after seeing and reading all of the positive reviews, I was sold! Ordered a 3 in 1 for me and one for a coworker who I had convinced as well along with some magazine pouches. To say I am satisfied is an under statement. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS HOLSTER! I use it as a pocket holster in the side pocket of my 511’s while at work and as an inside the waistband for off duty carry along with a magazine pouch which fits perfectly in the small of my back. I now talk the Remora holsters up as much as I do my XDS, and that’s a lot. Have also convinced a second co-worker to get one as well and I figure two or three more after that. I will definately be purchasing another Remora holster for one or more of my other guns! Oh yeah, with most holster twice as much, the price is the added bonus. Thank you Remora!John Scholer1/20/2013 6:45:14 AM (GMT)
  • Alan and all the remora 1st class holsters. Wow I’ve got all my guns covered wIth your holsters and what a great workman ship you do and produce . What a joy with my lcr 357 ruger and 4 more holsters from 380 karhs 9mm karhs tauras 38 revolver single mag holsters I feel so safe so protrective and I feel so good carrying my protection iwb . Alan 1st class holsters and I take you so so much . I tell and pass on everyone I come in contact with and they love it .you should have a bumper sticker that says Remora holsters is everyones dream come true but all other holsters are a nightmere .thanks so much for a great holsters and proud to ware it . Top gun .James Martone1/2/2013 6:17:56 PM (GMT)
  • Perfect for concealed carry. Stays where you put it and high quality all the way. Got the size 10 with the leather lining for my G19 3rd Gen and the 6ART for my M&P Shield. I cannot say enough in the way of good things about these. Lifetime warranty and made in the USA are just the start. Thank you. Will recommend.Gary Rea12/27/2012 11:50:36 PM (GMT)
  • I got the holster in the mail this afternoon. I got an iwb/owb with a rigid top with nonslip inside and out…for my Steyr M9A1 with lasermax micro attached. Its exceeded my expectations so far. The quality is great, particularly for the price.Kenneth Fuerst12/21/2012 3:15:27 AM (GMT)
  • Good Looking HolstersJesse Switzer11/25/2012 9:17:44 PM (GMT)
  • I purchased a Remora holster for my wife’s Glock 27. My wife LOVES the holster. I am SO thankful for faliaphotography’s Youtube review of this product. She nailed the review. The review made the decision easy. The holster shipped really fast. I have considered purchasing another holster for my Sig P229R…hint hint Santa.Brady Taylor11/15/2012 8:07:11 PM (GMT)
  • I have several of the Remora IWB holsters, some with a rigid top which makes drawing and reholstering a breeze. The soft top model actually makes the holster/pistol combination disappear because it really hugs your body. I just got one of the pocket models from Alan himself. He’s quite a guy and really cares about the quality of these holsters and the people using them!! You simply can’t go wrong getting one of these holsters! But do yourself a favor and buy an additional model for your other carry piece and definitely get one of the pocket holsters for your little BUG, you won’t regret the decision!! For those that are wondering if a holster without a belt clip will stay in place, YES it will! I’ve noticed that the Remora holster will stay in place with less movement than some of clipped holsters I own. These babies do what’s promised!!!Charlie Penix11/14/2012 6:33:45 PM (GMT)
  • Great Holster and Help from Alan. ……..I bought a REMORA SERIES 8CH HOLSTER (Pocket / IWB) [Holster Lining Upgrade: REMORA-HYDE LEATHER LINING] [Modification 1:SWEAT SHIELD (Right Hand)] Since he gave an “Either”, “Or” for Fitment, I went one step further since it involved leather besides the rubber. I stuck the top 1 inch of the holster in really hot water, then dried it all by using the hair dryer on high for 10 minutes until it could hardly touch it, finger pulling as I went. Then inserted the bandana wrapped revolver in the holster wiggling it around and forced it deep into the holster. Suck it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Took it out unwrapped the weapon and re-holstered. I then picked up the holstered weapon by the grip, and the holster fell off. Good …. That means if I ever have to I can fast draw and re-holster one handed. After tucking the holster into my sweat pants, I tested it as to: fast draw, click, click (empty revolver) and it holstered fine. I loaded and holstered and I’m now back to conceal carry again. It’s like that 24oz cannon is NOT there :>))) (.17 cal. Magnum Taurus HMR 8 Shot Snub). And it is well hid for Surprise, Surprise.Mike O11/3/2012 9:46:29 PM (GMT)
  • Just received my Digital camo OWB holster, for my Taurus 605. It looks and feels great. Thanks Alan.Paul Dersch10/30/2012 1:38:48 PM (GMT)
  • I wanna thank Alan and his people for making such a “fantastic” all around holster. I have spent lots of $ on custom made holsters in the past. By far this is the BEST holster I have to date. I recieved my Remora 6A ART-RFT a few weeks ago for my Ruger SR9c with a Crimson Trace Trigger Laser. All I can say is it’s “AMAZAING”. I use it in my waist for CCW and also as a holster in my Truck. It fits like it was “made” to fit inbetween the 60/40 seat. Alan, YOU saved me more $ then I could have imagined not having to purchase a separate vehical mounted holster…… THANKS again..Ricky Finch10/24/2012 1:54:33 AM (GMT)
  • I order your holster based on some reviews from a Taurus Forum. After talking to one of the sales Ladies. I ordered one for my 709 slim with the sweat shield. I love the way it fits and carries my pistol. i can tell I’m carry a pistol, but don’t feel the metal against the skin. Also my M & P 9mm compact fits the holster also.Greg Kela10/22/2012 7:08:20 PM (GMT)
  • WoW ! Just received my 6art “RFT” Holster. Perfect fit, great feel, easy draw !! I will purchase again !!! Thanks Alan & Remora !!!!!Stephanie10/20/2012 4:53:09 PM (GMT)
  • Alan, The 3 in 1 holster I just received is genius! It completely transformed concealed carry for me. Being only 130 pounds and a woman there aren’t many places to conceal a pistol, but you made it not only possible but comfortable. I am also amazed at how comfortable all the straps are…even the thigh strap. My only regret is not buying one of these sooner! I can’t say thank you enough. Sincerely, StephanieTim Freeman10/9/2012 1:42:39 PM (GMT)
  • Just received my 4A OWB/IWB for a Ruger LC9 with LaserMax Highly impressed with the fit, function and workmanship! The OWB function? Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner, and what took me so long to try it?? Will be upgrading my entire carry rotation with a new Remora. Thanks Allen, What a great product!Jared Listinsky10/1/2012 2:03:00 AM (GMT)
  • I received my Remora holster for my Ruger LCP a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It is extremely comfortable around my waist and the gun always feels secure. I can finally stop wasting money on other holsters. I think I found the best!William Bacus9/15/2012 7:57:24 PM (GMT)
  • Retired U.S. Army Military Police. Like your site and your products.Nelson9/14/2012 9:31:02 PM (GMT)
  • I am retired a LEO that put 31 years on the job here in Souh Jersey . I’ve several IWB and OWB holsters for carrying off duty . I was a little hesitant at first about a Remora holster . After purchasing a 6ART for my Glock 27 , I am completely satisifed with my selection, comfortable , very concealable , and the price was perfect .dave mercier9/2/2012 9:36:28 PM (GMT)
  • Hi, i bought the Remora 12C holster with the full sweat shield for my Kimber pro CDP II 1911. I concealed carried today for the first time ever with any holster of any kind. I wore slippery polyester athletic pants with no belt, and only a thin drawstring in the elastic waistband. I had my gun loaded with a Wilson Combat #500 elite 8 round tactical magazine full with one more round chambered. The total weight of my weapon loaded in this fashion is 2 lbs, 3 ounces. I was pretty sceptical that any holster without a belt in those type of pants with a gun that heavy would even come remotely close to the performance that is advertised. Well i’m here to say that i was not only impressed, but frankly amazed at just how much the holster performed way above and beyond anything i could have imagined. Again, this was my first time carrying, and i had the holster on while i got in and out of my car several times going to stores without having to adjust my pants and shirt any more than i usually do when exiting my vehicle. The holster was very comfortable while driving without my needing to make any adjustments in the holsters positioning whatsoever. The holster worked so well, and was so comfortable, that i even forgot that i had it on most of the time i was shopping. It even stayed in place perfectly while i bent down and reached far into things.This holster is absolutely incredible! I love it, and will continue to buy more Remora holsters for all of my daily carry pistols from now on.Jared Wesolaski8/27/2012 5:10:53 AM (GMT)
  • I have a reinforced top Remora IWB holster and I LOVE IT!! So comfortable, adjustable, and extremely easy to draw and reholster. I am a real customer and a very satisfied one at that. Use it every day. Thanks Remora and Alan for your help!!!Pete Whittington8/26/2012 2:19:13 AM (GMT)
  • I ordered a 7ART IWB holster, it came cross country super fast, and it fits my CZ 82 perfectly. It’s so comfortable I hardly know its there, and my pistol will not slide out until I want it to. Thankyou Remora, and thankyou Alan, perfect holster!John A Florio8/20/2012 5:16:57 PM (GMT)
  • Alan has designed the most innovative holster .I have all custom made leather holsters from the best makers in the USA.Alans design outfunctions them all and conceals my firearms better.I have purchased 4 of his holsters so far and will purchase more until I have holsters for all my handguns.Alan is also a very nice person and that translates into his business practices.I wish him enormous success.Patti B8/19/2012 9:51:17 PM (GMT)
  • Shortly I’ll be owning 3 of your holsters as two convinced me of how they’ll hold any of my handguns comfortably in place during any activity with no belt. Especially my elastic waist shorts on my bicycle in the southern heat! It’s nice to wear my CC rather than carry it in a purse but if I need to go purse I don’t need a special one and again they stay put and don’t tear up the lining. Either way my RA fingers can quickly access my CC’s effortlessly. Amazing creation. I love sharing with everyone looking for their Cinderella’s shoe of a holster.Steve8/9/2012 10:21:34 PM (GMT)
  • I’ve purchased several Remora holsters recently. Several for my LCP CT, and my Bersa/Firestorm 380s. The holsters are inexpensive, very well made, work as advertised and I really like ’em ! Shipping is very fast and I can’t say enough about the comfort. BTW, the SS works very well for the 380s and the LCP. They keep parts of the gun from touching body parts … which can be a bit uncomfy for some of us. Try ’em, you’ll love ’em!David7/23/2012 4:48:51 PM (GMT)
  • I have 3 other holster, which are ok but this one is GREAT! It is my everyday carry holster for my LC9. I have the “RFT SS” I have large hands but I am still able to grip my weapon with no trouble at all. Saw a 20 min. demo on youtube and the next thing I was on your web site to order the holster. Your fillment chart also is a big help, takes the guess work out of what size to order. Thank You, for a Great product!Kelly Carsten7/17/2012 9:15:00 PM (GMT)
  • I just wanted to let everyone know how well Alan @ Remora will work with you. I purchased a 6ART RFT for my Glock 27. It worked like a charm until I modified my Glock with an extended mag release. The modification caused the mag release to ride against the inside of the holster which released the magazine. I talked with Alan regarding this issue and a possible fix. Within a few days Alan sent me at no cost, a new modified holster which fixed the problem. Very few businesses respond in this timely fashion and I will continue to recommend their product to fellow LEO’s. As a safety note, please let Alan know if your weapon has been modified.Mike D.6/28/2012 8:37:46 PM (GMT)
  • Purchased the RFT-ART model for my glock 19. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Simple, comfortable and doesn’t add a big buldge on my side. It is very easy to conceal and being able to position it however and wherever you like is great. This holster was recommended to me from someone on a glock forum and I placed my order that night. Will be placing other orders for my handguns. Glad I took the chance with this holster and finally found something that works with no hassle!Ross Cottrell6/9/2012 10:03:58 PM (GMT)
  • I bought a Remora holster for my Bersa Thunder .380 and I’ve worn it almost daily. It is comfortable and stable and durable. Now I bought another Remora for my CZ 75 P01. I can’t say enough good things about these holsters.Mark6/7/2012 11:14:31 PM (GMT)
  • Received my holsters today for a Kahr P380 and S&W BG. They fit perfectly, and I love that they are compression fit and don’t way you down like other holsters that hang on your belt. Like the holster so much that I just placed another order for my Glock 23 & Ruger LCP. Great communication from Alan. If you’re on the fence of trying them, I’d suggest you go for it. I’m glad I did.EDC3655/15/2012 10:13:54 PM (GMT)
  • Love your holsters, bought one at the Tampa gun show about a month ago. Would highly recommend. Cant beat the warranty and Love seeing products made in the USA!!!Jeff W5/5/2012 3:07:08 AM (GMT)
  • These holsters definitely are excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. I have priced many and the value and quality is exactly what you need. Thank you Remora/Alan, I will purchase more products in the future.Keith Lipphardt5/3/2012 3:44:58 AM (GMT)
  • I bought 2 Remora holsters, one for my old Bersa .380, and one for my Taurus PT140, and I have to say I Love them both! They are very comfortable, they stay where you put them, and they stay open when you draw your weapon and return it to the holster, unlike the $75 one I had special made for the Taurus. I will definitely recommend Remora holsters to my friends!bob the goat4/24/2012 1:47:49 PM (GMT)
  • I got a no clip holster for my Ruger SR9C. (6rft). It is so comfortable I show it off. My wife and I went shopping one Saturday. We hit 8 stores. I was carrying in the center of my back. In and out of the car all day and it never shifted, pinched, gouged, or rubbed me sore. I am 100% impressed.Mr. B.4/8/2012 8:39:23 PM (GMT)
  • I just bought a Remora holster for my S&W Bodyguard 380. Its exactly what I need, perfect for IWB or pocket carry. Everything works as advertised. I’ll be recommending this holster when and where ever I can. Good work to Alan and the Remora team.Richard Marsee4/5/2012 6:45:22 PM (GMT)
  • First I would like to say that I really appreciate the GREAT customer service. I ordered one for my wife and one for me. The holsters are absolutely, one hundred percent as they are described. They DO NOT move, they are extremely comfortable and functional. We love them and plan to holster our other firearms with the Remora. Alan, thank you so much for everything. God Bless you and yours!B. Babs3/30/2012 1:11:52 PM (GMT)
  • Just wanted to comment on how impressed I’ve been with not only this superior product, but also the “above and beyond” customer service of this company. I will certainly be recommending you guys to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again. Love the holsters!!andrew rush3/28/2012 4:56:17 PM (GMT)
  • Three weeks ago I received my White hat holsters max-tuck holster. I paid a total of $96.00 for this holster including shipping. I was so excited to get it. Well I wore it for a few days trying really hard to love it, forcing myself to like it, haha…well, Im a big guy, and it just wasnt comfortable for me. The horsehide was extremely hard, and it dug into my side all the time, I almost couldnt wait to get home and take it off some days. Well a week ago I took a look at Remora holsters and decided to give them a shot, after all, it was only $25. Well guess which hundred dollar holster is getting sent back for a refund, and which twenty five dollar holster is on my hip as we speak??? I just cant say enough about these remora holsters. I bought the number 6ART-RFT with sweat shield for my Glock 27. And I absolutely love this holster! It completely covers the slide so that no sweat gets on it, and it is extremely comfortable. Not only that, but there are so many other uses, like pocket carry. And it is ambidextrous. So, before you go spending a hundred bucks or more on a hybrid kydex holster, or any other overpriced piece of leather, try out a remora!!!Mike3/19/2012 8:06:40 PM (GMT)
  • I’ve been using one with my LCR for about 3 weeks. It’s incredibly comfortable and stays in place. I’ve held the holster upside-down with the LCR in it (unloaded) and the gun stays put. I’m ordering one for my LC9 and another for my CZ75.Mr. Martínez3/17/2012 11:55:55 PM (GMT)
  • Hi. I just purchase mines for the Beretta PXStorm SC. Great product.! and performanceJanice P3/15/2012 3:17:16 AM (GMT)
  • Just wanted to say how much I really like my Remora Holsters with full sweat guard that I purchased for my Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size, and my Ruger LCP. They both work perfectly! Of course, there’s not much weight to my LCP, and it stays put, where ever I put it in my waistband, but your holster has no problem handling the weight of my Beretta and keeping it stable and in place, even when wearing comfy drawstring type shorts! I love that I can shift the position of my holster/gun very easily to accomodate my activity or position. I also bought the thigh adapter for my LCP, and it too works perfectly! I plan to shop with you again, this time for my Ruger .357 and Beretta Subcompact! Thanks!sfmbr3/14/2012 3:51:35 AM (GMT)
  • Thanks to shotgunshanni and a few others on youtube for tieir reviews, i decided the importantant women in my life deserved a little comfort with security this summer.Patsy Wright3/11/2012 3:47:07 PM (GMT)
  • Miss Battle Born sent me to your page. I’m her Mom. 🙂 Looking at purchasing one of your holsters for the .380 Bodyguard she bought me for Christmas. Wishing you guys well! She speaks very highly of your products…. 🙂 PatsyDavid3/1/2012 12:42:31 AM (GMT)
  • I have owned dozens of holsters over the years, trying to find the perfict balance between comfort, and “Enough gun.” I now own two Remoras, and have settled on carrying my Glock 23 on a daily basis. The comfort is great, and I can now carry, no matter if I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt, or a suit. The Remora even works well in the outside pocket of my computor case- I just cover the grip of my pistol with a folded piece of letterhead.Rock Freeway Truck Center2/24/2012 6:40:41 PM (GMT)
  • Feb.25,2012 Hi , All i can said is you will not find better customer service then this company.Purchased a holster from Alan, and being a left hander , had small issue with mag. releasing when running and working around wrecker or other trucks.contacted Alan let hi know what the issue was,just thought i would send in holster to have RFT of holster altered a little .BUT recieved different holster all togather and he said to keep the other one.You tell me how many companies you know of that have customer service like this.I tell you what ! This is the only holster i will use for CCW it’s just perfect in all ways working around the trucks. Thanks Alan Rock Freeway Truck Center CEO/ James S.Rob Sweet2/18/2012 12:37:30 AM (GMT)
  • I bought a Remora holster for my Glock 17 at a gun show in New Hampshire last year. I’m very pleased with it. In fact, I will be buying one for my Makarov in the very near future! Great product at a fair price.John M. DeCillo2/13/2012 5:14:19 PM (GMT)
  • Great product. Great service. Great people to do business with. I will surely recommend your product. Thanks, John D.James2/7/2012 1:02:34 AM (GMT)
  • purchased one of these holsters for my glock 29 . it’s so comfortable i just purchased 2 more for my glock 19 and 20.Joe Ortega Jr.2/2/2012 9:32:08 PM (GMT)
  • I bought a holster based solely on you tube videos and can say I’ll have a hard time going back to any other holster. Since I bought mine and I won one (Trivia) Iv’e had two more friends buy on of their own. God Bless you guys and may your company also be blessed. -Joe-Stephen Harrison1/19/2012 5:40:11 AM (GMT)
  • I bought the Remora #10 ART RFT for my S&W sigma. After a couple months of consistent use it has never failed. I’ve used it when taking down tree stands, shoveling snow, running, and just regular everyday carry. Best IWB holster ever created. This will definitely not be my last purchase from Remora. ThanksStan Kata1/11/2012 3:08:44 AM (GMT)
  • Alan, Remora may be a small family company, but I personally prefer to deal with a small outfit. Especially when (as with Remora) it translates to BIG Customer Service! And isn’t that what matters? I just received my order in yesterday’s mail. I’m extremely impressed! Your holsters do precisely what you say they will. They’re obviously extremely well made and they just look and feel…well…COOL! I spent a LOT of time online researching before I settled on Remora. Forget leather. They’re too expensive and they trap moisture! Who wants the surprise of rust on their favorite weapon? Forget a box full of holsters. Remora products are the last ones I need to buy! In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “That’s good…one less thing.” Thanks Alan. You “done good”, man! I hope Remora is around for years and years…and that no matter how big you get you always remain small…at heart!Phil12/30/2011 5:08:32 AM (GMT)
  • WOW! WOW! WOW! This holster is amazing! I can wear my DB9 in just about any position IWB adjusting the cant to suit my needs. I can use it as a pocket holster. I can even use it OWB between my belt & my pants. Customer is absolutely top notch as well. I ordered the holster just 5 days before Christmas not expecting to recieve until after the first of the year due to the holidays. To my surprise & delight it showed up the day after Christmas! A six day turn-around would be impressive any time of the year. But at Christmas? Outstanding! Thanks so much!Daniel borchert12/18/2011 8:05:56 PM (GMT)
  • I just ordered the RFT series 6 holster and i made a mistake when i ordered it and alan fixed the mistake in a matter of min. best online experiance i have ever had. thanks alan. * * * * * 5 stars for customer serviceBen Champion12/18/2011 4:12:24 AM (GMT)
  • I think this is the best holster ever made. I have been using one for my carry gun in my pocket for about 2 years now I carried a Kel Tek 32. and it fit the gun like a glove and when I needed to take it out the holster stayed where it was supposed to. Now I carry a Ruger LCR 357 Magnum in the wasteband and have a Remora for it and two other wheel gun that I carry and I can draw the gun and the holster stayes put. Also on reholstering I can do it with one hand and without looking at what I am doing. Great Holsters y’all are great and keep up the good work also stay safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Len Dozois12/17/2011 7:20:22 PM (GMT)
  • I bought the Remora 4A for my Kahr .45 last year at the Tampa gun show. I am very pleased to report that it has become my primary CC holster. It keeps my gun snug and handy no matter what I am wearing. I’ve even worn it with bathing trunks. It is so light and comfortable that I sometimes find myself checking to see if I am carrying. Today I’m back to buy one for my wife.Ryan Doherty12/11/2011 7:44:04 PM (GMT)
  • These are by far the best concealed carry holster out there. I have tried other similar holsters and these are much better. With the wide selection they fit much better and have even tested these holster running in shorts and they stay put. Will continue to purchase every time I get a new gun. Again thanks to Alan and his great customer service and support of law enforcement.Danny Carpenter12/6/2011 6:04:51 AM (GMT)
  • Alan,It doesn’t matter how great a shot you are,or what a great gun you own,if you don’t have it with you.Like many of my c.c. permit holder friends,I didn’t always have my gun with me.But, since i got my Remora holster,I an never un-armed.It is that comfortable and convenient to wear.Joe Ortega12/1/2011 2:28:42 AM (GMT)
  • Just looking at the iwb holster and will be ordering one for my Glock 36Sherri Roberson11/21/2011 5:19:06 AM (GMT)
  • I couldn’t be more thrilled with my Remora 4 ART RFT for my Ruger LC9! IT’S PERFECT!!! Thank you Alan & Jacqui at Remora for providing such REMARKABLE products & EXCELLENT customer service!Binky Tremain11/18/2011 8:03:40 PM (GMT)
  • Wow! I hate IWB and OWB holsters…they pull my pants down and are uncomfortable. This holster, for my S&W 940, is perfect! It holds the gun in place, but doesn’t yank on my trousers. I was skeptical for a long time, but after reading so many wonderfulf reviews, I thought I’d give it a try. Glad I did.Vic Quinton11/15/2011 6:30:40 PM (GMT)
  • will be purchasing for my Smith and Wesson Body Gaurd 380 and my Smith and Wesson M&P 9m C.Michael Tordillos11/14/2011 1:47:15 AM (GMT)
  • I bought the reinforcet remora for my Glock27. It’s very comfortable and fits snug. Stays put. I can put it in any position I like. I wear a belt just so I can make it more snug or not but it’s not needed. I’ve tried to run jump and roll to make it fall out but it doesn’t. I can still use the restroom without fear of it falling out. I’m buying another for my Colt when I decide which on I want. Not sure yet but I recommend this holder all the time, Thanks for a good product that can be made in the USA with a life time warrenty. Thats the reason I tried it in the first place. ThanksTerry Swan11/10/2011 6:23:29 PM (GMT)
  • VERY comfortable, and the gun stays where it should be. I’ve tried jumping, walking fast and it stays in the holster. Short of going head first into concrete from sky diving, it doesnt move and effortlessly comes out when pulled.Jerry Barnett10/29/2011 6:46:58 PM (GMT)
  • I have a Ramora for my LC9/CT Laser and want to say how pleased I am with this holster. It is amazingly comfortable, it can be worn in virtually any position inside the waistband, and doesn’t need a gun belt. Did I mention it’s comfortable? Honestly, there are times I forget it’s there. Great product for a great price.Tom P.10/21/2011 2:17:12 PM (GMT)
  • I recently purchased two holsters at the Tampa gun show. I was looking for a small pocket holster for my bg380 since I knew there was no way that I could carry my xdm45. Shannon and Will had one on their table exactly like mine and Will showed me how comfortable and easy it is!! Thank you guys so much!! Will be looking for you at the next show with my shopping list.Larry Buffolino10/18/2011 5:26:08 AM (GMT)
  • Just got my Remora for my Glock 23. Wore it all day and it was comfortable and stayed in place!!rick l10/10/2011 5:26:48 PM (GMT)
  • i just received my holster , I love it most comfortable holster i own ,thanks alan for great service and a awesome productApril W.10/6/2011 1:46:19 AM (GMT)
  • I cannot believe how comfortable the Remora holster is! It is my favorite IWB holster by far!Nathan9/25/2011 1:24:48 AM (GMT)
  • I just received my Remora Holster and have been using it for about 24 hours now. I cannot even explain how happy I am with this holster. I can bend over, sit down, jump up and down, and it never moves. It never becomes uncomfortable. I can wear it with my gym shorts around the house to go grab the mail, sweat pants, jeans whatever i want to it holds! I will definitely be ordering one for all the handguns that i wish to carry concealed. This is a great product that i would recommend to all of my friends, service was fast and product fell right inside the window of estimated delivery. Thanks Alan!Eric9/22/2011 9:50:28 PM (GMT)
  • Have been using the Remora hoslter for my Kimber Ultra for almost a year. One of the most comfortable holsters I’ve worn, good weapon retention, and outstanding if you are wearing a pair of shorts. It doesn’t pull down on your waist band like other holsters.Marty Cayer9/22/2011 3:15:20 AM (GMT)
  • Hi Alan, I just want to let everyone know what great customer service I recieved when I called you today. I do not live in the USA. I didnt tell you on the phone but all week I had called many major USA companys to try and help my holster needs. All of them did not want to help me. One call to Remora holster and everything was fixed. People like you are what makes the USA the best country in the world. Gold bless the free world!Robert Knisley9/18/2011 9:32:32 PM (GMT)
  • I received my custom Remora holster yesterday and have to say thank you Alan for the craftsmanship and great customer service in my purchase of this great designed holster. It fits my Glock 30 SF w/rail laser like a glove.Marc9/11/2011 9:40:47 PM (GMT)
  • Just got my remora with reinforced top for my DB380. It great for pocket and IWB. When I wear IWB it is on my strongside hip, and I mean right on my hip. It’s extremely comfortable standing, sitting, walking, running…..PERFECT!!! Love this holster! Also got the two mag holster, you just forget you even have it on…will be ordering another for my G26 very soon!!! Thanks Remora!Gary Efaw8/26/2011 9:16:07 PM (GMT)
  • As a former police officer I have tried and owned many holsters. This particular holster is well designed and does what it says. Outstanding customer service as well.Hugh (North Carolina)8/11/2011 9:21:30 PM (GMT)
  • It cannot be said too many times: This is the best place to buy a holster on line. The personal attention is incredible and the value exceptional. I give Remora and Alan my highest recommendationDaimon J.7/22/2011 8:43:02 PM (GMT)
  • Hi Alan, JHust got the holster and mag pouch,all i can say is wow these are really nice holsters im going to have to order more for my other haand guns wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mike Crider7/16/2011 1:03:45 AM (GMT)
  • Hi Alan. I’ve been using my Remora holster for for a couple of weeks now to carry my Springfield XD9 4″ and I am very happy with its performance. The gun is a little large for your typical CCW, however, in the Remora holster, it stays right where I put it. In the summer, my typical non-worktime uniform is a pair of light-weight nylon shorts and a tee shirt. With the Remora holster, my XD doesn’t budge as I do whatever I want. Also, if I happen to go into a building where firearms are prohibited, it’s easy enough to remove the holster and secure it in my vehicle. When I return, I easily slide it back into my waistband. Oh, and thanks for the quick service!Greg (Arkansas7/7/2011 5:42:07 PM (GMT)
  • I have just ordered my 4th holster from you. I, too, have a drawer full of holsters that I don’t use! These are the best! They are very comfortable and stay put! Great Product that is priced reasonable!!Gary (Georgia)7/3/2011 2:43:59 PM (GMT)
  • Outstanding personal customer service and a great product to boot! This is the place to do business with for an honest ,square deal !Gary (Georgia)7/3/2011 1:21:18 PM (GMT)
  • Outstanding,personalized,super-honest,no hassle Customer Service and a great product line to boot! This is the holster to buy and the place to buy it from! Really impressive place to do business with!Michael Walsh7/2/2011 2:52:27 PM (GMT)
  • Just received my Series 8 and I’m totall impressed. It performs as promised and is very comfortable.Michael Hyde6/29/2011 2:05:16 PM (GMT)
  • Hey Alan,I put my new Remora to a real Florida test.I went wade fishing with my TCP with Crimson trace in kneedeep salt water while wearing just a pair of drawstring shorts and t shirt.No slip or movement or dropping.Well done.Thanks,MikeAndrew Luciani6/18/2011 5:06:48 PM (GMT)
  • WOW!!!!!!! thats it this thing is great very concealed for my mil pro .45 thanks a lot guys keep up the great job :)Michael E. Hyde6/17/2011 1:52:58 PM (GMT)
  • Hey guys,nice holster!I wish I had heard about these before I purchased four other holsters.It’s comfortable,stays put and low profile for legal CCW.Great draw as well!Only way to carry a full size 1911.Regards,MikeClayton L (Katy TX )6/7/2011 2:56:56 PM (GMT)
  • Well, after spending a large fortune on leather, kydex and crossbreeds this holster blows them all away! Finally put an end to the search for best holster and pennies on the dollar compared to others… will definatly spread the word! END YOUR SEARCH NOW.. THIS IS IT!Marty5/28/2011 12:48:52 AM (GMT)
  • First holster arrived today. I like it! Does exactly as advertised. Feels great. Just ordered another one for my Glock! Thanks.JOHN TAYLOR ( KINGSPORT, TN)5/3/2011 3:40:46 PM (GMT)
  • Man, thanks for coming up with this excellent holster. Your product and you customer service is world class.Tim Travers4/30/2011 9:36:30 PM (GMT)
  • I purchased a#10 and ordered a #4 from Matt at the Melbourne gun show. I am extremely satisfied with the fit and comfort of the # 10 and can’t wait to try the smaller # 4 for my CCW. I will definitely recommend your holsters to my friends.Dan4/25/2011 4:35:35 PM (GMT)
  • Thank you, Alan, for putting an excellent product into the market at an excellent price. The holsters live up to the hype, without question. Best regards.LEE YANG4/22/2011 7:39:21 PM (GMT)
  • Lets see, where can I start. 1. Price! Super great price. Its basically free! 2. Shipping! I’m from MN and it arrived in 4 days! WOW! Seriously! I’m trying to think of negative comments.. but the problem is.. I can’t think of any! 🙂 A++ all around. HOlster is great and it doesnt move at all. I bought a Size 10 RFT and I am truly surprised. This has got to be one of the smoothest holsters on the market! If I had another firearm, I’d buy another one. Great Job Guys! *Two Thumbs Up*Gerald4/4/2011 5:00:35 AM (GMT)
  • Alan, Thanks for all your help. This is a GREAT holster. I have done just about everything I can think of with this holster without a hitch. I stays where you put it, period!Mike3/26/2011 4:33:29 AM (GMT)
  • Your holster has finally provided a means for me to carry my beautiful S&W M60-15! Thank you for making such a great and innovative product. Finding a good option for a j-frame with a three inch barrel has been a two year quest. Thanks again!Roger Enscore3/9/2011 9:12:26 PM (GMT)
  • Thanks, Alan… been wearing the Remora for several days now. I’ve been on a 7 year quest to find a ccw holster than works perfectly for me. Now, I have a box full of holsters that have become obsolete. Excellent product!gene3/2/2011 12:51:19 AM (GMT)
  • Alan It was nice to meet you at the Suncoast Gun Show In Lakeland , I purchased #7 for my Bersa 380 cc . I’am very pleased with the preformance and comfort .Dave (From Mt Juliet, TN)2/27/2011 4:22:54 AM (GMT)
  • Alan, Received my Remora for my Ruger SR9c and have really enjoyed using it. It stays where you put it, strong side or cross draw and is very comfortable!! The mag holder is great too, thanks again!! Telling all my friends that carry about it.Anonymous12/15/2010 7:40:38 PM (GMT)
  • I picked up a holster for my Taurus TCP from you guys at the Suncoast Gunshow last weekend; I love it! It was nice meeting you and I’ll be sure to pass along the good word; always have to help out the locals… Thanks for making a high quality product yet still keeping a reasonable price! Good luck!Charlie Gross12/1/2010 5:47:15 PM (GMT)
  • Thanks for all yor help in selecting a holster, Alan.Steve Studley11/18/2010 7:41:58 AM (GMT)
  • Really interesting, going to pick one up.Robert Proctor10/30/2010 11:21:36 PM (GMT)
  • Ram Rod on defensivecarry.com referred me. I think your product is perfect for my S&W M&P 40C. We think that Series 6 is the right size. Gun-specific RFT with sweat shield is what I’m considering but torn between Ram Rod’s possible quantity deal. Size comparison is (in inches): M&P C – 1.2 x 4.3 x 6.7 G27 – 1.18 x 4.17 x 6.29 Best to you.Scott Astin10/4/2010 1:43:09 PM (GMT)
  • WOW! I bought a series 11 at a local gun show this weekend for my Glock 31 357. sig. It has a Lasermax green dot on it and what a perfect fit. I wish i had bought 2 more. Great product. Great price.


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